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Users of SSP’s Intelligent Quotes Hub solution are enjoying 99.5% (or better) response rates. We can see from our monitoring that your IHP solution is not performing to this level, resulting in this ever increasing loss of GWP from motor lines of business.

The Solution

SSP Intelligent Quotes Hub

We know IQH is the best rating, pricing and quotation solution in the market — and we have engineered it to give you control and self-sufficiency, so you can reduce your reliance on Software Houses.

Ageas is a leading insurer in the market, and we want to help you reduce error rates for IHP quotes, improve premium leakage and further improve underwriting performance.

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Using SSP Intelligent Quotes Hub, insurers on average see their book grow by 11%.

If Ageas used our IHP solution, we would expect you to earn £7,935,800 in revenue, with a net cash flow of £4,137,800 over the course of 5 years — which is a 103% internal rate of return.

Over this 5 year period, IQH would cost less than Ageas' current IHP solution does annually.


SSP Videos

SSP IQH Showcase Overview

Our IQH Showcase event was held in Covent Garden, London, where we demonstrated the solution and heard first-hand how it has revolutionised the use of data, improved customer journey and centralised rating and pricing.

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A centralised product rating, pricing and quotation solution that delivers accurate quotes in real-time, making use of data from a variety of sources to optimise your prices. It gives you the ability to apply your underwriting criteria how you choose, and distribute rates instantly across all market channels.

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