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We are SSP.  A leading technology provider of best in class solutions for financial advisers. Our solution includes technology that supports the entire advice process, and is the ONLY fully managed, private cloud solution currently available in the marketplace.

We understand the challenges you face and we want to support you on your mission to uncover your client’s profitability.



Uncovering your client's profitability


In the post-RDR world that we’re living in, we recognise the challenges that lie ahead for financial advisers:

  • Discovering new opportunities for clients in order to grow your business
  • Unearthing assignments from specialist customer groups based on redefined customer segmentation
  • Analysing the true cost of serving clients and using the evidence gathered to build effective client servicing and charging strategies

SSP can help support you to accomplish this mission with our modern, web-based client and policy management solution, SSP Adviser.

SSP Adviser is built upon Microsoft’s latest .NET technology platform. It will enable you to manage effective client relationships, whilst empowering you to utilise the intelligence you gather on your clients to improve your agility and profitability.

What’s more, with our managed service offering, you don’t have to worry about complex IT infrastructure and hosting, we can do it all for you. We can even host Microsoft products such as Office and Outlook.

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Choose your inventory

Every agent needs to select their tools wisely in order to achieve success on their mission. OPERATION:SSP Adviser is no different.

We can help you achieve the task objective of uncovering your client’s profitability, and below are just some of the weapons in our arsenal.

Looking at the items below, please select the items that will be essential to you in your quest, and we can give you more information on how these can help with your mission.

1. Client and Policy business management solution

…for individual and corporate clients

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Swiss Army Knife

2. Integrated factfind, suitability and compliance tools

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Magnifying glass

3. Planning tools and integrated quotations

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Fountain pen

4. Fast and secure online document storage and delivery

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5. Automated charge and payment reconciliation

…for individual and corporate clients

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6. Real time and scheduled policy valuations

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Luxury watch

7. Client reporting

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Blutooth headset

8. Real time business intelligence (MI)

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Good luck agent, your client’s are counting on you.

Why SSP?

SSP is a global provider of technology systems and solutions, offering best in class solutions for financial advisers through the only fully managed, private cloud solution currently available in the marketplace. We use our expertise to enable our customers to transform their business and increase their profitability. SSP provides core technology solutions, distribution and trading capability, advanced analytics and solution delivery.

Our unique position in the market — with sight of the whole value chain and including the largest market share of UK e-trading — enables us to provide leading data insight and unrivalled distribution. Our knowledge, talent and technology capabilities deliver innovative results for our customers. Working with 2 of the top 5 UK financial advisers, 8 of the top 10 UK insurers, and over 40% of UK Brokers we are the partner of choice.

For more information visit www.ssp-worldwide.com/sspforfinancialadvisers